Who we are

Fuel Quality checks the quality of the fuel supplied at the Fuel Quality Point distributors, to protect the engine and make you travel in complete safety. Fuel Quality is the maintenance of your car, with the convenience of discounted costs up to 30% at the Fuel Quality Service workshops.

Project designed by Motorsistem Srl, an Italian company of car products and engine additives, leader in the automotive sector.

In Fuel Quality we realize a simple philosophy but with very important objectives, we want to offer our customers quality fuels, which allow the engine to work better and last longer, reducing polluting emissions, with economic benefits for those who use them thanks to the FQ Points Card.

• Quality
• Functionality
• Low environmental impact
• Convenience




Ask the Fuel Quality Card at your gas station, it's free! With the Fuel Quality Card (free with the first purchase, or purchased here without further purchases) you get 30% discounts on Car Care products in this SHOP and, in ordinary and extraordinary maintenance at the Fuel Quality Service workshops.

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